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Zendaya captivated the world from his first appearance on the small screen as a Disney star. Since then, thanks to his charisma, talent and beauty, he has made a name for himself and a place in the world of Hollywood. Accustomed to seeing her wearing her best clothes and posing sexy in front of the cameras, through social networks she shows herself with her beloved pet.

The actress, who played Mary Jane in the latest Spider Man movie, shares her day-to-day life on the web with Noon (which in Spanish means “noon”). How does Zendaya define her bond with the animal? For her, he is her “grounding wire”.


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Noon is a miniature black Schnauzer. It came into the actress’ life after the death of her previous pet Midnight. He is adopted and she refers to him as “her son”.

As a good owner, she cares and takes care of all the details concerning her pet. She has trained him since he was a puppy, bathes him often and lets him sleep in her arms. She also got him to model for her own clothing line, DAYA, which she launched in 2015. Her dog’s postings, accompanied by phrases like “I miss home,” abound. As well as those in which they can be seen huddled together and always together.