Get to know us

My name is Adriana, and for more than 30 years I have dedicated myself purely and exclusively to the breeding of these wonderful breeds, the SCHNAUZER MINIATURA, the FRENCH BULLDOG, the ENGLISH BULLDOG and the PUG. With the arrival of Minnie as a gift for my son Giuliano, we met these wonderful pets and from there our life changed forever, enlarging our family every day more until we reach what we are today, a family kennel devoted to them.

Each one of our puppies is part of us, they live with us as a son. Knowing, asking and studying the breed, and using the right males for our bitches, we want to achieve excellence puppies. For this we have dogs registered in the Federación Cinológica Argentina (F.C.A), with excellent pedigrees.

As we are a family kennel, and not a so-called “puppy factory”, our bitches are very well cared for and do not reproduce constantly, that is why we not only deliver home-born puppies, but we are also in constant contact with quality breeders to offer year-round puppies of excellent temperament, structure and 100% healthy. I invite you to visit our site and meet all our puppies and adults.