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One of the most loved breeds among the puppies is the Pug, one of the most requested breeds by all those who like to have a dog in their lives and in their families.

Puppies are considered “man’s best friend” and that is why in particular the Pug is a breed that is very easy to handle and with which you can share many things.

Funny facts about the pug

  • They are originally from China
  • They don’t swim very well
  • They need a lot of attention
  • They get sick followed by the flu
  • “Tender and playful demon,” the origin of his name
  • They sleep 14 hours a day
  • They have the most expressive face of the dogs
  • They snore very loudly
  • They’re wrinkly-faced
  • Of the dogs considered “toy”, they are the biggest.



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Negative aspects

Not everything is good when you have a pug, if there are some things you have to consider and one of them is that these little animals are very prone to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

One of the main diseases these beautiful animals face is overweight and obesity. And this is because of something very natural that seems unnoticeable.

Pugs are very attached to their owners and the fact that they are short means that they are not rejected, but on the contrary, they are overprotected and this also influences issues such as food, where eating with their masters can generate a large income of food.